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Gluten Free Wild Sand Plum Dumplings

If you are lucky enough to have a crop of wild sand plums then this gluten-free wild sand plum dumpling recipe is for you! Cooking the plums down gives an amazing deep flavor that is unique to the sand plums. 

Things you will need:

For this recipe, you need to separate the flesh of the fruit away from the stone inside. The easiest way to do this is to use a strainer and pestle (like this one) the plums are softened from simmering. 

Once you have placed your softened plums in the cone, you simply move your pestle around the cone to squeeze out the fruit. To avoid mess on your countertops, we recommend putting this into your stock pot so the fruit can fall directly into it. 

Now that you have the fruit only (and no stones/pits) you can bring it up to a simmer and add your sugar. Stir until dissolved and combined and then add your gluten-free pie crust (dumplings!) to the fruit. Allow it to simmer for about 20 minutes, which is basically enough time to cook the pastry and allow the flavors to combine. Best served warm.