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Gluten Free Quiche

Image of Gluten Free Quiche

Quiche is such a great option for so may occasions

  • You can make ahead so that when you are in a rush in the mornings and need a good protein packed breakfast to get you out the door
  • When you need to feed a crowd you bake one and feed 6 people
  • It's great for brunch, but also really great for dinner paired with a side salad


So many quiches, so little time

Quiches are also really customizable to whatever your taste buds are craving. You could try rosemary, thyme and potato, onion and chive, ham and cheese, spinach and get the idea - the possibilities are endless!

For this recipe we went with staples that you might already have in your fridge: diced deli ham and shredded cheese. It's a classic, plus it is both grown-up and kid approved! (Sometimes it's hard to get kids to eat protein other than hotdogs or lunchables!)

The recipe is really two simple parts:

  • Making the pastry crust and par-bake it
  • Making the egg filling

PLUS, the dough recipe that we are using actually makes two 9" pie crusts. So, you can double the egg filling recipe and make two quiches, or you could make one and freeze/chill the other for another time.