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Gluten Free Hot Rolls

Hot rolls are a staple for family dinners everywhere, which is why we wanted to create a delicious GLUTEN-FREEhot roll that would be great for everyone. This recipe is really very simple; you mix the ingredients together, allow time for the dough to rise and then you bake! Simple as that!

You may have tried other gluten-free roll options that crumble to dust, but not these. They hold together beautifully, fluffy and soft. You might not even know they are gluten-free!

Keys for Success

• For this recipe we used Saf instant yeast (you can find it here on Amazon) to cut down in the rise time. It worked really well with our GF Naturals All Purpose Flour!

• One thing that is key to getting rolls that rise well is making sure the water that you add the dough is 105-110ºF. Too warm and it will hinder the yeast, too cool and it won't activate your yeast sufficiently to rise. To make sure we got the right temperature, we used a thermometer like this oneto measure the water temp. 

•Our GF Naturals Gluten Free Flour was made without xanthan gum added into the mix so that those that are allergic to it can still use the flour. However, for this particular recipe we used xanthan gum to make sure the dough bound together even in the absence of gluten. We used this xanthan gum and it really worked well!

 They go with any kind of meal, as a snack, or even for sandwiches! However, I would say they are BEST on the day of baking.