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Gluten Free Breakfast Ideas

Starting your day off right!

Studies show that people who eat the wrong food for breakfast or skip breakfast all together, have problems with hunger, energy, metabolism, concentration and are more likely to gain or have trouble losing weight.

Healthy Breakfast: Why you need Protein 

Protein is so important in our diets because it is literally the building blocks for everything within your body. We need protein so that our bodies can build muscles, repair damaged tissues and perform optimally. A steady supply of protein will help your body do this.

A bonus to protein is that it is digested more slowly than carbohydrates. it gives you a steady supply of energy and helps to balance hunger, energy, and cravings all morning long.

Here are some ideas for a gluten-free protein packed breakfast:

1. Gluten Free Toast + Eggs

We know not everyone has easy access to good gluten free bread due to a poor selection at their grocery shop or how expensive gluten-free breads can be. Why not save money and make your own - it make delicious toast that would pair well with your favorite type of eggs; scrambled, poached, fried...! You name it!

This sandwich bread is surprisingly easy to make! It's the closest we've come to making a really great tasting white bread that has. fantastic texture.

Check out this naturally leavened sourdough bread too - it's fantastic!


2. Gluten Free Dutch Baby

Dutch babies(no, not the human ones!!) pack a great punch of protein. They are a light, gluten free and fluffy alternative to the traditional wheat pancake (which lacks protein for a well rounded breakfast). They are really versatile and you can top them with whatever you would like - maple syrup, fresh fruit (my favorite!) or check out these savory topping options!

You can also use them as a meal prep recipe for several days OR serve a crowd all at once with this one delicious dish. 


3. Gluten Free Blueberry Muffins 

I don't know about you but it is HARD to find good gluten-free blueberry muffins at the stores. So we made our own! They are super easy to make and hard to mess up :) They are definitely kid approved and will please a crowd, plus you're gaining all the goodness from the antioxidant superfood that is the blueberry! #winning

To balance the carbohydrates here for an even supply of energy I would really recommend pairing a muffin along with some eggs or some greek yoghurt. 

4. Gluten Free Waffles

So often breakfast is a rush - you need food and you need it NOW! :) This is a great recipe to whip up and serve under 20 minutes. This gluten-free waffle recipe can also be frozen and warmed up individually for a quick snack.

What we like the best about making gluten-free recipes at home is that you can customize your recipes so much more than you can when you buy ready made food. For example, with these waffles, you could add some oat powder to up the fibre content and keep you feeling fuller for longer (pro tip!). (Be sure to add a little more liquid if you do that.)

We hope you find something here to inspire your gluten-free breakfasts! 



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